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Fesenjoon with a Nogada sauce. Chiles en Nogada is a traditional Mexican dish that includes a sauce made with blanched walnuts, Crema Mexicana, and Goat's Cheese. The rich flavours complement the hearty fesenjoon.
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¡Mole Joon!: Fesenjoon with a Mexican twist! The same sweet & sour base that makes fesenjoon a favourite, now with an added blend of Mexican chiles, and a topping of saffron-infused Crema Mexicana.
¡Mole Joon!
3-4 onions
500g of chicken breast
500g of chicken thighs/legs/drumsticks (bone in)
500g of walnuts
6 dried chiles (preferably guajillo, can also use a blend along with ancho and pasilla)
4 tablespoons of cocoa
700-800ml of water
200ml of pomegranate molasses
2 tablespoons of sugar (optional, depends on brand of pomegranate molasses and personal taste)
Light olive oil or ghee
Salt & pepper

1. Slice the onions. Sauté (medium heat) in a saucepan with light olive oil or ghee.
2. While the onions are sautéing, heat the dried chiles in a shallow pan for about five minutes. If you want it less spicy, then deseed and derib the chiles beforehand.
3. Throw the chiles in the food processor along with the walnuts and blend until the walnuts are in small bits (don't blend too long or you'll end up with spicy walnut butter, mmmm).
5. Dice and salt the chicken. When the onions start to get a little translucent, add the chicken (including bones). Cook on a high heat until the outside of the chicken starts to brown.
6. Add the walnuts and chiles along with some more salt and stir on a high heat for another two minutes.
7. Turn the heat down and add the rest of the water. Add salt and pepper and cook on a low heat for 90 minutes.
8. Add pomegranate molasses (along with sugar if you are adding sugar) and cocoa and cook for another 90 minutes, stirring occasionally.
9. Serve with pomegranate seeds in tado shells.
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