"This is a lot of work!"
Was this gonna be a repeat of everything that went wrong the first time I set up the Senor Saffron stall? I stood half-dazed in front of the hob, my head aching from getting my second jab the night before, my arms weak as I tried to not mess up cooking the rice for the tados.
"Well, I say taco, it was more of a Do-It-Yourself affair..."
I sat there, eating my loaded fries. Should I say something? The thing is, I agreed with all of their very valid criticisms.
Did I have enough gas? What about electricity? Maybe I should order some electric hot plates...
Well, at least I had  floor matting this time (even
One lovely customer even came back to not only compliment us on the food, but to pay us after explaining that his card hadn't gone through the first time.
There were a couple of customers who were familiar with Takis Fuego, which brought a smile to my face, and a few who recognised Mexican mole. But it's also rewarding
Laying The Sumackdown
After my parents went back to Kuwait, (I should probably eat salad more often...). And then I thought back to Tahdig Tacos' post on their carne asada dish, and realised I
I think that for future versions, to further "Persianise" and "lime-ify" the tados, I could add dried lime powder along with the sumac. I also did some experiments with Valentina seasoning in the tados, but don't tell anyone 😉
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